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About me

 I am a full-time freelance translator and proofreader.  I am registered with the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI membership no:  1002549).  I have many years’ experience in the field of teaching English Home Language (1977 - 2005), as well as  translating and proofreading a large variety of texts.  Examples of my work are available on request.

 I grew up in a fully bilingual home (father - English; mother - Afrikaans). The majors for my B.A. degree were English and Afrikaans & Dutch. I completed a B. Ed. in Human Resources Management and an M. Ed. in Negotiation. I was the CEO for Oudtshoorn Tourism (2005 - 2010) where I was also responsible for the language usage on and translation of all marketing collateral.

 I offer translation and proofreading services in the following language combinations:  

 Translation: Afrikaans to English; English to Afrikaans; 

 Proofreading:  English texts and Afrikaans texts.  

 I can also competently translate Flemish /  Dutch texts  into Afrikaans or English.  

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